Creature Animation 1

This course expands on the skills learned in previous character animation course but shifts the focus to animating believable real-world creatures in Autodesk Maya. Students develop a better understanding of quadrupedal and winged animal anatomy and behavior as the foundation of creature animation. Through detailed analyses of reference footage, aided by in-class demonstrations and lectures, students will produce creature animation locomotion cycles. This course also introduces technical methods to students to optimize work flow in professional production environments. Multi-week projects will increase in complexity throughout the term, culminating in the completion of several believable creature animations demonstrating walking, running, and flying, to be presented for critique. Students are expected to cover the cost of supplies, estimated to be between $15 - $30.

Tuition: $2,061.00
Class Length: 10 Weeks
Course Requirements
  • Character Animation 2

Software / Technique
  • Autodesk Maya

Course Sections — Fall Term 2021

David M Breaux Jr.
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT
Oct 17, 2021