Dynamic Effects 3

This course builds upon the principles learned in Dynamic Effects 1 and 2. Real-world demolition and destruction effects will be taught. Students will learn fluid simulation, shattering, and advanced particle effects techniques using Autodesk Maya and industry standard plugins like Fracture FX, Phoenix FD, and Soup, as well as how to render fx elements in VRay. Students will understand the process of crafting advanced destruction shots and how to build their own procedural tools using techniques learned through lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. Homework assignments support in-class learning through the weekly execution of effects simulations. This course is project-based and will culminate in students creating a final fx shot, complete with rendering and compositing, for review.

Tuition: $2,061.00
Class Length: 10 Weeks
Course Requirements
  • Dynamic Effects 2

Software / Technique
  • Autodesk Maya

Course Sections — Fall Term 2021

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT
Oct 17, 2021