Character Animation 2

This course covers the processes and techniques used to create believable and appealing bipedal body mechanics in animation. The exploration of topics such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, and heavy lifting will be utilized to create physically accurate motion for bipedal characters. Through in-class lectures and demos, and at-home exercises, students will develop a better understanding of the subtleties of believable character animation and continue to refine efficient Autodesk Maya production animation workflows. Through the term, weekly exercises in walk and run cycles, crafting fluid animated movement, and timing and spacing will build upon each other, culminating in the creation of a complex action driven character animation mini reel in Maya.

Tuition: $2,061.00
Class Length: 10 Weeks
Course Requirements
  • Character Animation 1

Software / Technique
  • Autodesk Maya

Course Sections — Fall Term 2021

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT
Oct 13, 2021