Character Design

This course teaches the process of character design in the entertainment industry. Students create characters from start to finish, going through the pre-production stages of research, concept, and the craft of editing before a final presentation of a well-developed character. Tools such as thumbnails, silhouette design, figure invention and posing, props and costumes, character archetypes, and illustration techniques will be discussed. Students are expected to cover the cost of supplies, estimated to be between $0 to $15.

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Tuition: $699.00
Class Length: 10 Weeks
Course Requirements
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Anatomy for Artists

Software / Technique
  • N/A
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Course Sections — Winter Term 2018

Illustrator at Paizo Publishing
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM PT
January 8, 2018
Registration for this class is closed.